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          BCM has a strong team of professional AR collectors, who, with rich practical experiences, have successfully collected a great amount of receivables for all types of companies. Moreover, a group of excellent overseas partners enables BCM to deal with cross-border cases for our clients.

          Outsourcing Services for Daily Management of AR

          During the credit period, we provide daily AR management and collection. With the professional service, we are able to observe the signs of payment delay from credit targets and therefore help our clients immediately solve problems at the early stage. Our services can help you save labor costs and improve management.

          Non-litigation Collection Services

          BCM consultants’ years of experiences in dealing with overdue accounts and superior negotiating skills, backed by our lawyers network across the country, will provide an indispensable tool for your company to collect receivables effectively and efficiently.

          In a legal context, we provide flexible and reliable means of collection. For malicious defaulted debtors we can quickly find their weaknesses to give them strong pressure. In addition, we will also collect the corresponding evidence to prepare for lawsuit in case the negotiation fails.

          Litigation Collection Services

          Non-litigation collection services may not work for debtors who make transactions with fraudulent, malicious and defaulted purpose. In such cases, it is necessary to  bring an immediate prosecution against the debtor and achieve the collection of the accounts through litigation. Although many enterprises now have legal consultants, it is difficult to find a lawyer familiar with the local legal environment provided that the debtors are in different regions.

          BCM has established a network of lawyers across China. We have successful cooperation with each of these lawyers, ensuring the quality and reliability of their services. Since we all aim to maintain long-term, strategic partnerships, BCM is able to charge reasonable rates for quality services.