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      BCM's counsel service aims to help our clients control the risk lies in the process of external transaction. We help our clients establish and improve various regulations as well as early risk warning and control systems, equipping our clients with a power means to make scientific decisions rather than arbitrary decisions so as to effectively reduce the operational risks.

      The characteristic services of controlling the risk in an enterprise's external transactions process include:
       participate in consultations, negotiations for legal analysis and feasibility studies;
       verify the general credit situation of the target company, and provide decision-making advice about arbitration, litigation and other actions;
       help our clients establish a standard credit management system, and provide advice;
       carry on legal arguments, provide solutions, and issue certain legal documents;
       issue external Law letters;
       update counterpart’s credit status through dynamic reports, and keep our clients informed with any change of their counterparts;
       collect or help collect maturity claims, help our clients maintain healthy cash flow and reduce the negative impact of bad credit conditions;
       routine legal matters.