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    BCMassists our customers in establishing an integrated credit risk controlling system, including setting up credit risk strategies, establishing credit departments, customers’ classification, receivables and debt collection management, etc. The system conducts effectively during transactions, and will improve the sales and capital circulation.

    Establishing credit management departments and function design
    Credit risk is becoming more and more influential to enterprises development nowadays, the traditional method, which manages credit risks in financial and sales departments separately, can not meet the demands of business competition anymore. BCM assists its customers in establishing and effectively functional credit risk management department to ensure the businesses long-term development steady.

    Customers’ classification system design
    Clients are not only the resources for business profits, but also the risk exposure. BCM provides its customers with various customers’ classification systems to manage their trade partners at different risk levels and improve their profit-making capabilities.

    Customers’ credit limits management system design
    BCM helps its customers to establish suitable credit analysis and evaluation systems, in order to appraise the customer’s capability and willingness for agreements fulfillment, debt repayments and their credit status. The system can also identify customers risk levels and then set up suitable credit limits and terms. The system includes customers’ credit management procedures, internal credit management procedures, documents and contracts management procedures, etc.

    A/R management procedures Design
    Through providing services of A/R management procedures design, BCM helps its customers to improve the efficiency of A/R control, the level of receivable turnover and the corporation’s image and their capability in outside financing.

    Formulating credit policies
    BCM helps our customers to formulate suitable credit policy in terms of the industry custom, competitive situation, market position and products’ structure and characters.