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      BCM Consulting is a leading professional service firm dedicated to providing credit management solutions and transaction legal services. Driven by our vision -- Focus on business risk management; Increase customer business value, BCM provides our clients with a variety of products and services including credit management training, receivables collection, credit management consulting and legal consulting, etc..

      BCM consultants are experts of credit management, legal, marketing and finance, owning rich experiences and plentiful resources. They have successfully provided credit management consulting and training to various types of companies, and have collected receivables amount to hundreds of millions of RMB.

      Headquartered in Shanghai, BCM serves the whole country by establishing long-term partnerships with reputed law firms in majors Chinese cities and some overseas credit service agents. In addition, BCM also maintains good relationships with local governments and related public administration departments in major cities in China, enhancing our capability of dealing with different types of cases for our clients.

      BCM serves both foreign-invested enterprises and Chinese companies including many Fortune 500 companies, large conglomerates and public listed companies.  Our specialties cover various industries such as machinery, equipment, electronics, chemicals, finance, automobile, construction and trade.

      BCM contributes to improving and purifying our country’s credit environment and fostering China’s new generation of risk control talents.  Partnering with several institutes including Shanghai University of Finance and Economics and Shanghai National Accounting Institute, we are actively involved in the research of credit management theory, as well as in the training and certification for the national certified credit consultant.