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    Modern market economy not only has profound influence on the development of social civilization, but also by itself creates a new civilization – credit civilization, the substantial content of which is the fair and reciprocal conducts among legal entities.

    Exchanges and contracts arisen hereof are the origin of credit civilization. The fundamental reason for establishment of credit market lies in the inadequate contracts due to the asymmetry of information. Contracting rules are the social carrier of modern credit civilization.

    The essence of market-oriented economy is credit economy. The fundamental of all economic activities is whether all participants in the market could fulfill the agreements timely and completely.

    As an important measure for standardizing the operation of market economy, the maturity level of social credit system has become a prominent indicator for judging the maturity of market economy. With the reforming of our economic system, it has become a timing task to build up a social credit system that meets the demand of market economy.

    In comply with the demand of our time and based on its in-depth understanding of the establishment of social credit system, BCM is dedicated to the establishment and perfecting of social credit system that satisfies the demand of market economy and economic globalization.

    Learning from the successful experiences of credit system establishment worldwide, BCM employs internationally advanced technologies in credit analysis and credit risk management. Through providing the state-of-art credit management solutions, BCM enables the realization of credit accumulation and value-addition, which makes credit become widely recognized medium and permit to wealth in the 21st century.

    BCM will work with you hand in hand to built Credit China.